Hand, Wrist and Forearm Exercises for Gamers with Dr. Levi Harrison

Don’t neglect your physical health. Learn how to strengthen your body and improve your performance with the Esports Doctor!

Dr. Levi Harrison, MD is an Orthopedic Surgeon and calls himself “The Gamers and Esports Doctor.” Over the last few years, Levi has found popularity with his website and YouTube channel dedicated to helping gamers with hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries. As many gamers, especially PC gamers know, these can be very common issues when frequently gaming.

I came across Dr. Levi Harrison when he and Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert engaged in a Twitter conversation a few years back. Since, then I’ve followed his YouTube channel and found his videos to be very helpful and easy-to-follow. While his videos greatly help gamers, as a web developer who sits behind a computer all day, I can tell you that these exercises could greatly benefit anyone!

Below I’ve put together a list of my favorite videos that I think most of you could benefit from. Additionally, I’ve put together a breakdown of each of the exercises in the video along with the timestamp, in hopes that it will help you come up with a solid workout routine. If you are unfamiliar with how to perform each exercise, it is best to watch the video. I was trying to type out an explanation for each but it was not as effective.

Hand, Wrist & Forearm Strengthening Exercises

This is my favorite video of Dr. Levi’s. It’s a quick 7 minute video, with 7-specific, easy-to-follow exercises.

  • Making a Fist (2 sets of 30 second) [0:47]
  • Open and Close your fingers – Abduction and adduction of your fingers. [1:00]
  • Wrist Extensions (2 sets of 30 seconds each) [1:27]
  • Lateral Wrist Extensions (3 sets of 20) [2:27]
  • Seated Dumbbell Wrist Curl (3 sets of 20) [3:19]
  • Seated Dumbbell Reverse Wrist Curl (3 sets of 20) [4:20]
  • Finger Curl (3 sets of 20) [5:20]

Hand + Wrist Exercises for Gamers

This was the original video that Dr. Levi released in relation to professional gaming. While he has released a lot of content since the release of this in 2016, it still contains relevant and helpful tips. These tips not only make your hands, wrist and arms stronger, but will help your in-game performance.

  • Take a 5 minute break every 60 minutes [0:37]
  • Once or twice every 5 minutes, run your hands under warm water while moving your hands up and down. [1:10]
  • Exercises your hands [1:25] – Some excercises include claw fist, table-top fist, half fist and full fist.
  • Stretch your fingers, wrists and elbows [2:00]
  • Shake out your hands and fingers for about 1 minute, every 2-3 hours [2:55]
  • Inertial exercises – it’s essential to exercise your elbow and forearm. [3:15]
  • Massage your hands, fingers and wrist. Simply your your opposite hand’s thumb and massage your finger joints for about a minute. [4:25]

Hand, Wrist & Forearm Stretches for Gamers 2.0

This is a follow up to his prior videos, a few new exercises and modified versions of old exercises aimed to strengthen your fingers, wrist, and arms.

  • Wrist flexor extensions (3 sets of 30 seconds on both wrists) [0:20]
  • Thumb flexion exercises [1:20] – this includes a modification to help stretch and strengthen your shoulders.
  • Keep good posture! Keep your head up, your neck up, your shoulders square and straight, your back straight, and your elbows at 90 degrees.

Cold Hands During Computer Use/Gaming

The age old issue! Why are my hands cold when gaming? I ran into this problem for years and still do to this day. While it could be relate to a particular disease, this is actually a very common problem having to do with the circulation of blood in your hands.

  • Rub your hands together for 30 seconds.
  • Open and close your hands for 30 seconds.
  • Move your wrists around in circles.
  • Put your hands in warm water.
  • Talk to your doctor to ensure it is not disease related.

Videos on Specific Issues

Below is a quick list of videos that target specific, common issues in gamers that you may find helpful. If any of the issues sound familiar to you, check them out and see if the exercises help at all.

Whether you’re playing Counter Strike, League of Legends, Fortnite, or even just sitting behind your screen for most of the day, I hope you try out some of these exercises. They’ve worked for me and I will continue to practice them as often as possible. Try some of the exercises and techniques, and let us and @drleviharrison know your thoughts. While you’re at it, check him out and follow him on his social media accounts and website listed below.

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