How to Install Custom CS:GO Maps from the Steam Workshop

A quick 4-Step Guide to playing custom maps.

Custom maps are a staple of the Counter Strike community. To fun custom game types, to maps that help train your Aim, these easy to install maps are one of the best ways to evolve your Counter Strike Global Offensive experience. Below is a quick tutorial on how to find and install custom maps via the Steam Workshop.

Open the CS:GO Workshop

Open Steam, go to your Game Library and select Counter Strike: Global Offensive. From there, scroll down to just past your achievements where you will see the Steam Workshop logo. Click the “Browse the Workshop” button to begin.

browsing the steam workshopFind the Map In the Steam Workshop

Navigate your way through the steam workshop and find the map you are looking for. You can do this by searching for a map using the search bar, or manually looking through the different maps using sort features like Recently Uploaded or Top Rated All Time. When you find a map you like, click it’s thumbnail to open it’s workshop page.

map search

Downloading the Map

Once you select a map, to download it you must click the green “+ Subscribe” button located on its workshop page. You will receive a notification below this box confirming that you have subscribed to this map. Subscribing will make sure that the map is always up to date when new releases become available.

subscribing to a steam map

Playing Maps In-Game

NOTE: If you had the game running previously, you will need to restart it for the new maps to become available.

From the game menu select “Play” > “Find A Game” > then the “Workshop” tab. You should now see a list of the maps you have subscribed to through the Workshop. Select any of these maps and click “Play”. You will be able to choose any of the supported game modes for this specific map. Now the map should load and be ready to play!

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