Top 8 CS:GO YouTube Channels You Have to Follow

A quick rundown of the top CS:GO instructors currently on YouTube.

YouTube has a massive library of Counter Strike Global Offensive tutorials. Finding the right ones is the hard part which is where the idea to create CSAcademy started. Below is a list of the top 10 YouTube channels to follow is you’re looking for great tips and tutorials to get better at CS:GO. There are tons of great accounts with frag videos, case openings, and even older tutorials, but the following list focuses on accounts who continue to publish quality videos that will help you improve your skills. So, if you haven’t already, check out and subscribe to the following creators.


It’s hard to find a list of CS:GO videos without including WarOwl. He has an amazing library of videos with guides on everything from positioning, map strategies, weapon tutorials, hardware help and much, much more. He is able to break down helpful topics that many beginners would not think to research, in a way that is easy to comprehend. I highly recommend beginners to go through his video playlist on CS:GO by and look for topics your are interested in. You’re bound to find something useful.


NaToSaphiX is a very popular YouTube creator who makes videos on many different topics. He has a few very popular large guides you may have seen here or on other sites such as his Ultimate Aim Guide. He also has very good videos on map tips & tricks, grenade spots, movement and aiming, sprinkled in with your usual case openings and highlight reels. My only problem with some of his videos are that while they have very good premises and tips, some are not planned out structurally and are not as concentrated as some other guides out there. Overall, he has some very helpful videos that are worth a watch.


Another very popular uploaded, as of writing this article the channel has over 400,000 subscribers. BananaGaming has been uploading multiple videos per week on every topic imaginable. The “Noob to Pro” video series is a great place for beginners to start with individual videos on game and hardware settings, individual weapon tutorials, team strategies and much more.


Just looking at his thumbnails, you can see 3kliksphilip has quite the personality. Additionally, he has great gameplay breakdowns and videos on the current meta of maps and the competitive scene in CS:GO. He does have weapon and aiming breakdowns as well as introductory guides which are surely of use to anyone looking for that type of content, but I believe his theory and opinions are something that sets him apart from many other uploaders. His videos will give you a different take than everyone else on this list.


adreN is a North American CS:GO professional who has been part of the scene for a long time. He is known as a very intelligent player and has blessed up with great content on his YouTube channel. He has some oft the most popular CS:GO videos on Youtube about Aiming and Crosshair Tips, lots of very specific hardware tips, and much more. He is still uploading fairly frequently including demos from his teams scrims which offer good insight into communication and team tactics in a professional environment.

voo CSGO

voo uploads weekly videos focusing on specific strategies to help you. Some of the his most popular videos are on Common Movement Mistakes, Peeker’s Advantage, How to Play Pistol Rounds, and Lurking. I recommend these videos as each one has a very specific topic, which are generally explained in around 6-8 minutes without being too vague.


While hopping on the upload train of Knife and Weapon unboxings, TrilluXe continues to pump out quality tips on many topics. I enjoy the off kilter videos that are rarely seen such as wallbang spots, Useful Pop Flashes on popular maps, Jump Training, and Afterplant Molotovs.

Practical CS:GO – Tactics & Coaching

One of my favorite ways to learn CS:GO is through watching professional gameplay. That’s exactly what the Practical CS:GO channel is focused on – match analysis of pro games. While there are occasionally general tip videos sprinkled in, the quality breakdowns of professional matches is the best way to analyze how the game is played at the highest level. Watching enough pro matches, especially with commentary of the tactics, is the best way to train your subconscious to play like a pro.

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