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CSAcademy.gg aims to be the ultimate resource for Counter Strike Global Offensive players. Whether a beginner or one of the Global Elite, we hope to provide valuable articles and resources to help you become the best CS player you can.

My name is Dave. I have been playing Counter Strike since the 1.6 days. I spent thousands of hours playing 1.6 and Source, only to find myself struggling when I began playing Global Offensive. I’ve been an avid fan of watching CS:GO since it’s early days, but only recently began playing it. I am no expert. When I tried finding videos and resources on how to play, it was impossible to find them all in one place. As a web designer/developer, I saw this as a great opportunity to make a new website to help both myself and those of you who are struggling with the same issue.

For now, the Counter Strike Academy will be a resource to find the best videos and guides already published by players and professionals on YouTube and other websites. I hope that if the site gains some fans that it will expand to have it’s own video series’ and resources.

Please do submit suggestions, issues and any comments you have that will help the website grow. Thank you for stopping by!


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