Workshop Watch – Config Generator by crashz and MisterIO

A custom map allowing you to try out different config options, pro player configs, keybinds and much more.

Welcome to Workshop Watch, a new series I’m introducing that takes a look at some of the best Steam Workshop creations. First up is ‘Config Generator’ by crashz and MisterIO. This is an awesome custom map, that allows you to tweak many different configuration settings, save them, then test them out against bots until you have your perfect config. Crashz is a popular Steam Workshop contributor who has worked on a few other helpful tools that including a crosshair generator, viewmodel generator, skin screenshot map and a slew of skins and other training maps. MisterIO, while logging over 1,500 hours in CSGO, doesn’t appear to have contributed anything else to the Steam Workshop.

As of writing this, the custom map has over 368,000 subscribers and a 5 star review rating after less than a month of being on the Workshop! The popularity of this is what encouraged me to give it a try. Below is a rundown of some of the great features, and tutorials on how to use them.

Config Generator is a custom workshop map, which means you need to subscribe to it to play it in CS:GO. If you need helping installing a custom workshop map, be sure to check out our article How to Install Custom CS:GO Maps from the Steam Workshop.

Pre-Made Pro Player Configs

One of the coolest features of the Config Generator is being able to select a config from your favorite pro player. At the time of this article, you can choose from any of the starting pros on 23 teams including SK Gaming, Astralis, Faze and Cloud9. Simply select a team, then a player, and your config matches that pro’s. You can additionally choose which of the following 3 settings to use – “Resolution”, “Mouse” and “HUD, Crosshair, Viewmodel and Radar”. I settled on Coldzera’s config because… well I want to be like him.

Custom Config Settings

If you don’t want to completely overhaul your settings to match another player’s, the giant UI boards allow you to individually change any item in your Crosshair, Viewmodel, HUD and Radar settings. Personally, I recommend tweaking your crosshair and radar settings until you find something you like. These can have a huge impact on your game. Viewmodel and HUD settings on the other other hand are more about your visual preference and should have less influence on your performance.

Special Keybinds

As someone who doesn’t use keybinds, it was cool to test out the simple list they had available. I had always seen pros use Jump-throw, but until I tried it out, I didn’t realize how efficient it made your smokes. You can also bind your Console key, switch Crosshair Color, Clear Decals and switch Right/Left Hand viewmodel. Additionally, if you’re unhappy with an old Microphone bind or something similar, you can easily reset that with the “Unbind Key” option.

Recommended Settings

Too many options? You also have the ability to load up the default, recommended options for crosshair, viewmodel, radar, audio settings, net graph(visual to see FPS), FPS Boost settings, and a few other miscellaneous ones. Regardless of your basic settings, I think Audio and FPS Boost are a must use!

Finishing Up – Saving & Testing Against Bots

When you’re all done selecting which config settings you want to try out, you simply turn to the other side of the room and load in some bots to your favorite map. It’s like playing one of those shooting games at a carnival – just you, your guns and some targets. Shoot ’em up as long as you want, adjust some more settings and try again, or save your config and try it out in Competitive.

Be sure to checkout Config Generator on the Steam Workshop. Test it out and give them feedback so that they can improve it, and send us a message on Twitter letting us know what you think of it.

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